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Swedish-style braces

The most common Swedish-style braces are quite inexpensive and provide basic support. You can also find lighter versions made from breathable materials that don't place undue strain on your leg.

Foot-Up ankle wrap

Some people find that regular shoes can work for them. For instance, the Foot-Up ankle wrap is comfortable for long periods, and does not restrict your movements. While regular shoes may be sufficient, you may need to purchase a shoe that has extra depth or a removable insole.

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Choose Right Style

Choose the style that's most comfortable for you, and one that will fit with the majority of your shoes. If you can't find the right style for you, ask your health care provider for some suggestions.

LA Gear Poise and Nike

Popular brands of foot drop braces shoes include LA Gear Poise and Nike. If you're looking for a pair of shoes that's comfortable for both you and your doctor, you can opt for a brand that's known for its excellent customer service.